Enterprise Mail Portal

Enterprise solutions are also available to automate corporate business correspondence.

Every organization is challenged by a daily flood of business correspondence – mail, faxes, overnight letters, e-mail with attachments, etc. The ability to process this information quickly, accurately, securely, and efficiently is key to an organization’s cash flow, client acquisition, retention and ultimately, its profitability.

Processing electronic correspondence is pretty straightforward, provided IT systems and procedures are in place. On the other hand, processing paper-based correspondence is a labor-intensive, manual procedure fraught with errors. Letters are sorted, routed, delivered, opened, and read to determine content, and then forwarded to the appropriate people/departments for the required action.

But what if there was a way to automate the initial handling and screening process and determine the document type (whether a new contract, renewal, purchase order, invoice or letter) and extract the content of each document with minimal human intervention? And then forward the actionable information directly into databases that would self-update and respond with outbound communications based on predetermined rules?

Sounds like science fiction? But it’s not. It’s automated business correspondence, a breakthrough that turns the mailroom into a hub for integrated paper and digital document workflows.